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What is the meaning of disagree in Hindi?

Meaning of disagree in Hindi is : सहमत न होना

Definition of word disagree

  • To not agree (harmonize). (verb)

Examples of word disagree

  • Even Ann Coulter implied that cold blooded murder was OK as long as someone with whom you disagree is the one killed.
  • This finding hate everywhere among those who disagree is getting pretty tiring, and harms any argument.
  • As a veteran, a soon-to-be law student, and a daily reader of this blog, the discussions of the legality of this new type of warfare are far more interesting to me than the mistakes and spoils of (almost) conventional warfare, to which no intellectually honest person would disagree is difficult to manage and even harder to analyze in the moment.
  • Where we at least seem to disagree is over whether the death bed activities, under the circumstances I describe, really are "signs of repentance", rather than merely taken as such signs for the purposes of getting the man a church funeral.
  • I can't tell from here whether we just plain disagree here or whether you wouldn't know mine had milk in them from biting into one.
  • Where Dennis Wingo and I disagree is whether EELV or ELV approach is adequate or whether a heavy lifter is necessary to accomplish this lunar based infrastructure development.
  • Whether I agree or disagree is unimportant to your point.
  • If you left him in there the entire game, then the last drive should have been no different, and whether you agree or disagree is immaterial.
  • Where I disagree is that this data purports to be data that tracks spending to the last dime.
  • If the reason why economists and the public disagree is that their interests diverge, then we should be able to make the disagreement vanish by statistically controlling for differences in interests.