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What is the meaning of difference in Hindi?

Meaning of difference in Hindi is : फ़र्क

Definition of word difference

  • The quality of being different. (noun)
    अलग होने का गुण।
  • : (transitive) To distinguish or differentiate. (verb)
    : (सकर्मक) भेद या भेद करना।

Examples of word difference

    • To expand on the stats: if the difference between 80% and 50% is significant probability of less than .05 that it occurred by chance, all that means is that the *difference* between the program and coin-flipping is probably real.
    • The difference in our stations makes no difference….
    • The only difference in the arms is, in both copies, that there is _no bordure engrailed_; but this has probably been added since as a _difference_, as was often done to distinguish families.
    • So that it will be hard to say how they come to know of any such _essential difference, as _MUST_ satisfy any reasonabie Man_; and much more that this _essential difference_ is so _great, that the _Saxon_ can be no Rule to us, and that to understand ours, there is no need of knowing the _Saxon_.
    • What was the absolute difference (What was the maximum temp difference* in relation to today’s temp) and the relative (from beginning of deglacial to peak sea level rise) temp difference.
    • I use the term "difference anxiety" to describe the psychological distress that stems from viewing differences as problematic rather than natural.
    • The main difference is that a comic book synopsis has to recount less material.
    • I hated having a different last name from my mom because the name difference reflected a divorce and all the dynamics that that can bring.
    • I coined the term "difference anxiety" to refer to the anxiety that one is different from the other -- be it in gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion or whatever else.
    • On the business side, yes, it made a bit of an immediate tangible difference, but the main difference is feeling like there are loads of opportunities on the plate before you.