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What is the meaning of devious in Hindi?

Meaning of devious in Hindi is : वक्र

Definition of word devious

  • Deviating; not straightforward or honest, not frank; not standard. (adjective)

Examples of word devious

  • Ever since then, the word devious had a powerful memory association, which she now attached to Alan Daniels.
  • Boo Hoo, I preach hate and racism and now I think other people used it in 'devious' fashion. gimme a break. goodtimepolitics
  • Moreover, corporations have powerful “think tanks” that work to influence public opinion in devious ways, such as creating the image of “unbiased research” by a panel of well-paid scientific charlatans – most insidiously used to discredit global warming for the past decade.
  • None of these characters is evil, none commits the transgression that precipitates the suicide, but all are driven, understandably yet horrifyingly, to behave in devious ways that wound others badly.
  • Ian: Well, it was a Ben Yalow job, and Ben is a very clever guy who is adept at using parliamentary procedure in devious ways.


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