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What is the meaning of deviant in Hindi?

Meaning of deviant in Hindi is : विसामान्य

Definition of word deviant

  • Of or pertaining to a deviation; characterized by deviation from an expectation or a social standard. (adjective)
  • A person who deviates, especially from norms of social behavior. (noun)

Examples of word deviant

    • Late Friday, the military rulers issued a stern warning that they will crack down on what they called "deviant groups," which they blamed for a spike in crime and violence.
    • Last night the military rulers issued a stern warning that they would crack down on what they called "deviant groups", which they blamed for an increase in crime and violence.
    • Thus you have a feedback loop in which prejudice against those identifiable as deviant is validated by the very disgust that motivates it, and propagating that prejudice is validated by the pride that results.
    • Homosexuals and heterosexuals are both natural people, with no difference between them in humanity, make or nature … The real deviant is the one who is always trying to oust the other.
    • By accepting diversity we challenge these principles on which the deviant is excluded as abnormal, contaminating.
    • James, well I think that anybody who engages in deviant sex be it women and underage boys or child molesters or homosexuals should be punished for their action.
    • P.S. - I set up that foot-tall figure of Pope John Paul II, and it's a tad disconcerting at first to be engaged in deviant sexual practices while he stares blithely on, but then you figure it's cool that he's watching and still just blessing it, and that's pretty cool.