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What is the meaning of develop in Hindi?

Meaning of develop in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word develop

  • To change with a specific direction, progress. (verb)
    एक विशिष्ट दिशा के साथ बदलने के लिए, प्रगति।

Examples of word develop

  • Pulping seems like an incentive to too much turnover of stock and a disincentive to let a title develop a following before it's replaced with the next hopeful big hit.
  • The Itahari-based Swagat Tol Bikas Sanstha (STBS) today honoured the elderly to what it calls develop positive and respectful attitude towards them, to mark its fourth anniversary.
  • Familial adenomatous polyposisis characterized by the presence of gastrointestinal polyps, abnormal tissue growths that develop from the lining of the large and small intestines, and less commonly, the stomach.
  • Can Club Penguin develop the communication skills of kids shy in real-life?
  • A sperm cell has no individual identity - a human being cannot develop from a sperm cell, and its genetic information can make a contribution to the identity of a person only in the presence of an egg cell.
  • Though tornadoes did not materialize overnight, the atmosphere remains humid and unstable and thunderstorms capable of rotating may once again develop this afternoon.
  • Retinoblasts develop from a single cell during the early development of an infant in the womb.