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What is the meaning of determine in Hindi?

Meaning of determine in Hindi is : स्थिर करना

Definition of word determine

  • To set the limits of. (verb)
    की सीमा निर्धारित करने के लिए।

Examples of word determine

  • The light frequency, f, that we want to determine is too high to be measured directly.
  • It is not possible to determine from a distance if someone is intelligent, kind, humourous or attentive (I call them private characteristics).
  • So the most that science can determine is that the object did not look very much like a face.
  • Let each state determine the type of education they desire and how much they determine is necessary for their education.
  • Because Connecticut and Wisconsin determine just how important will be likely Republican losses in the Senate in Delaware and yes, Nevada, and that overall scenario will determine if Republicans gain control of the Senate.
  • I can determine from the chart that it is 51.6% red.
  • That's the reason he should suffer whatever consequences the voters in his state determine is appropriate.
  • Clinton, not Bush, sent a team to Iraq to examine the crash site, positively identify the aircraft as Speicher's, determine from the ejection seat and canopy far from the main debris field that Speicher had ejected, and identified the flight suit found at the site to be identical to the make, size, and markings of Speicher's flight suit.
  • All a hearing would need to determine is if you are or are not here illegally.
  • But there has to be a willingness to move towards transparency in whatever form we finally determine is appropriate.