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What is the meaning of destruction in Hindi?

Meaning of destruction in Hindi is : सत्यानाश

Definition of word destruction

  • The act of destroying. (noun)
    नष्ट करने की क्रिया।

Examples of word destruction

  • Pache, whose home was razed 10 times, jokes that the destruction is the only government service he can count on.
  • This destruction is the reason silver is becoming scarce.
  • Little hope seems to be offered that this destruction is anything other than complete, an effect implied in part by a shift in the tone of the free indirect discourse which has established the narrative viewpoint of Nineteen Eighty-Four.
  • They say embryonic stem cell research has not proven anything yet, and taxpayers should not be forced to fund what they call the destruction of human embryos.
  • “Is that what you call the destruction of the entire Earth?”
  • If nuclear energy to date has found its application in destruction, that is something for which the scientist can not ask to be wholly excused from an adverse judgment; but he has a right to say that he has made available to us, to the citizens, to the politicians, a knowledge of the powers of nature which can be applied maleficently, beneficently, through temporarily destructive methods, or beneficently through wholly, constructive methods, at choice.