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What is the meaning of dessein in Hindi?

Meaning of dessein in Hindi is :

Definition of word dessein

Examples of word dessein

  • Champlain meant to awaken in others the passion that he felt for exploration of the world and to engage them in his grand dessein, his vision for New France.
  • “He was very pleased,” Champlain wrote, “promising not to give up this dessein, but to have it pursued and supported.”
  • He is well acquainted with my MS., and I just copied into the middle of the blank sheet the words — — Un dessein si funeste,
  • INSULTE, _f. _, outrage, aggression en actes _ou_ en paroles, avec dessein prémédité d'offenser.
  • I was going home to dine by myself tres sagement et tres tranquillement, dans le dessein de me menager, when Lord G. was so good as to propose my going home with him; and thinking that to be an opportunity of talking more with him upon you and your affairs, as we did, I could not resist it.
  • "J'écrirai ici mes pensées sans ordre, et non pas peut-être dans une confusion sans dessein: C'est le véritable ordre, et qui marquera toujours mon objet par le désordre même."
  • ASSASSINER, tuer de dessein prémédité _ou_ avec trahison.
  • Sterlin tres propre et comode pour notre dessein, de la on prend la route de Canavest ou a pied.