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What is the meaning of desired in Hindi?

Meaning of desired in Hindi is : वांछित

Definition of word desired

  • Simple past tense and past participle of desire. (verb)

Examples of word desired

  • Mrs. Luke was now Lady Horrocks: she had the title desired of her heart.
  • That long overdue functionality will then make it possible for us to recognize loyal Forbes.com users and reward them for what we call "desired behaviors" - how many staffers, contributors and topics they follow; how many times they visit Forbes.com during a month or a day; how many times their comments are "Called Out"; and much more.
  • The effect desired is that not one passion only should be seen in her, but a concourse of the passions.
  • For example, unemployment problems reflecting an inability of the employed to obtain desired full-time employment (35 or more hours of work per week) have reached historical proportions in the labor market recession with nine million of the employed encountering such a problem on average during 2010.
  • The outcome desired is a recommendation to raise revenues.
  • Yes i think so as you can see it in desired concert only US devision .. ll Says:
  • How people think they can criticize the behaviour of others when their own leaves so much to be desired is a mystery to me.
  • And when they did try something different, either the subject matter (Lone Star) or execution (My Generation) left a lot to be desired from the audience's point of view.
  • These new brand ambassadors are almost the perfect instruments for surreptitiously sparking and cultivating a groundswell of desire within desired target markets.