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What is the meaning of desirable in Hindi?

Meaning of desirable in Hindi is : स्पृहणीय

Definition of word desirable

  • Suitable, worthy to be desired. (adjective)
  • A thing that people want; something that is desirable. (noun)

Examples of word desirable

    • Removing these distortions, and thus allowing investment to increase is highly desirable from the point of view of the country, he said.
    • A Senate that couldn't enact a law simply to require the disclosure of donors behind ads, as even the Roberts court in Citizens United said would be constitutional and desirable, is unlikely to vote against their political interests next year with a system that funnels public funds to their opponents.
    • And positions in desirable funds probably won't be available at a discount for long.
    • Corporate Survey Sample Questions Please rate your overall impression of these (programs you are familiar with) EMBA programs, i.e. how desirable is a degree from the program?
    • Such a change would allow for more competitive contracting in the longer term and may be desirable from the standpoint of cost effectiveness.
    • One variation on this theme would just be that the super-rich would tolerate a lot more risk in their investments than desirable from a social perspective, since they are immunized from risk by the fact they are so far past the point of significant marginal returns.
    • To feel and to know that you 'have everything that can make life desirable' is indeed excellent.
    • Prices increase as more people are willing to spend more money in desirable locations.