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What is the meaning of described in Hindi?

Meaning of described in Hindi is : वर्णित

Definition of word described

  • Simple past tense and past participle of describe. (verb)

Examples of word described

  • Sometimes spelled “chowchow,” some linked its name to nineteenth-century Chinese railway workers, for whom the term described a condiment of orange peel and ginger in heavy syrup.
  • The man replied that the term described the company's growth strategy for 2006 - to fund all loans.
  • Accusing someone of "plagiarizing" off the Internet, at least under the circumstances herein described, is tantamount to accusing a writer of cheating by using reference books in a library.
  • James added: With Punk IPA the panel decided that the phrase 'this is an aggressive beer' on the label described a flavour characteristic of the product and the phrase when read in context, clearly referred to the taste of the product.
  • The clinic administered the drug by what the label described as the "preferred" method -- "deep intramuscular injection."
  • In World War II, the word described suicidal pilots who dived their planes into enemy ships.
  • The phrase described one technique for physically searching a crime scene for clues, in which the CS officer covers the floor or ground in one direction, back and forth, like mowing a lawn, then turns perpendicular and covers the same ground again.