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What is the meaning of depend in Hindi?

Meaning of depend in Hindi is : लटकना

Definition of word depend

  • To hang down; to be sustained by being fastened or attached to something above. (verb)

Examples of word depend

  • For there are various ways in which one being may be said to depend upon one or more other beings, in a sense of ˜depend™ that is distinctly metaphysical in character and that may be contrasted, thus, with various causal senses of this word.
  • Currently tied at the top with Penn, the Crimson's hopes for a title depend on a victory this weekend.
  • ↑ The existence of words like appendix and pending in English does not mean that the English word depend is analyzed into a derivational prefix de - and a root pend.
  • Our electrical infrastructure upon which our lives depend is worth trillions.
  • While they still impact each other and over the medium-term depend on each other, the shorter-term cause-and-effect relationships are not as strong as elsewhere.
  • The very web of life on which we depend is being ripped and frayed.
  • Equity Red Star says these are not courtesy cars but loan cars because they are lent to you while your own car is being repaired, although the terms depend on which level of insurance you chose.
  • Further gains in the short-term depend on a synchronized global economic recovery.
  • For the industries that harvest seafood, and the human societies that are obliged to manage these public resources, the implication of these results is one that has not yet been widely integrated into fishery management, namely that productive fisheries that are sustainable over the long term depend on a normally functioning ocean ecosystem.