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What is the meaning of departure in Hindi?

Meaning of departure in Hindi is : हट जाना

Definition of word departure

  • the act of departing or something that has departed (noun)
    जाने की क्रिया या कुछ और जो विदा हो गया है

Examples of word departure

  • The fact that you had tech-policy people who rarely agree with each other on anything agreeing that his departure is a setback should tell you something.
  • The thing that really bugs me about his departure is his failure to call out the Republicans as the real culprits behind the Senate dysfunction.
  • I would only hope that his departure is a result of some criminal charge a la the NSA-objecting Qwest executive.
  • My last assignment for Peace Corps prior to departure is to write a statement of goals and expectations.
  • Already I hear it, while guardian angels, attendant on humanity, their task achieved, hasten away, and their departure is announced by melancholy strains; faces all unseemly with weeping, forced open my lids; faster and faster many groups of these woe-begone countenances thronged around, exhibiting every variety of wretchedness -- well known faces mingled with the distorted creations of fancy.
  • I am just setting out on that journey, am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.
  • Earlier this year he withdrew from the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group for what he called a departure from its original mission of fighting gun crimes in urban areas.
  • We may know that we have but a little time to live (The time of my departure is at hand, 2 Tim.iv. 6); but we cannot know that we have a long time to live, for our souls are continually in our hands; nor can we know how little a time we have to live, for it may prove less than we expect; much less do we know the time fixed for the general judgment.
  • Yet in many countries, his call for multilateralism, which runs parallel to a decline in American diplomatic and economic clout, remains a welcome departure from the era of President Bush, whose two-term presidency was largely defined by the war in Iraq and the divisive debates on which it hinged.