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What is the meaning of denarius in Hindi?

Meaning of denarius in Hindi is : दीनार

Definition of word denarius

  • A small silver coin issued during the Roman Empire, equal to 10 asses. (noun)

Examples of word denarius

  • The decad, or denarius, indicated comprehensively all being, material and immaterial, in the utmost perfection: hence the term _decas_, or _denarius_, was used summarily for the whole science of numbers, as in the title of Meursius's tract _De
  • “Dínár,” from the Latin denarius (a silver coin worth ten ounces of brass) through the Greek {Greek Letters}: it is a
  • “Mr. Ambassador,” Data said, “the denarius was an ancient Roman coin which went out of use long before the twentieth century.”
  • The denarius was the South German equivalent of the North
  • : A denarius was a coin anciently equal to ten sesterces, and bearing the king's image.
  • The type of coin, known as a denarius, was first struck in Rome in 211 BC, making the Hallaton coin a very early version, the council said.
  • After all, a denarius is a daily wage, and a subsistence wage at that.
  • 'two coins': at the time, a denarius was a silver coin, and a Roman foot soldier would earn one a day.