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What is the meaning of demurrer in Hindi?

Meaning of demurrer in Hindi is : पूर्वापत्तिकर्ता

Definition of word demurrer

  • someone who demurs or objects (noun)

Examples of word demurrer

  • Wednesday's term was demurrer, which is defined as:
  • Chief Justice Cartter then delivered the opinion of the court, sustaining the demurrer, which is as follows:
  • And. by the court — A demurrer for good caufe would certainly have been an ifluable plea within the meaning of the defendant's undertaking: But as the demurrer is a gene - ral one; and as there does not appear to be any good caufe for demurring, the court ought to intend, that it was a trick t® poftpone the trial of the c? tufe.
  • The City filed a motion called a "demurrer," which says, basically, "Judge, even if the plaintiff proved every fact alleged in the complaint, the plaintiff would not be entitled to any relief."
  • I remember that the judge asked me to tell him first what a "demurrer" was.
  • He also teaches Catholics how to contest the right of heretics to appeal to Scripture at all (by a kind of demurrer), before arguing with them on single points of Scriptural doctrine.
  • This was by filing a paper called a "demurrer," in which the particular objections were set out, unless, as was frequently the case, they were so fundamental as to be apparent at the first glance.
  • After TCW's Dec. 1 lawsuit, the DoubleLine trustees filed an objection called a "demurrer," seeking a dismissal of the entire lawsuit against the DoubleLine Funds