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What is the meaning of deliberate in Hindi?

Meaning of deliberate in Hindi is : स‌ंविमर्श करना

Definition of word deliberate

  • Done on purpose; intentional. (adjective)
  • To consider carefully. (verb)

Examples of word deliberate

    • After what she calls a deliberate campaign to keep her from meeting performance targets – including by giving her an out-of-the-way desk where customers couldn't find her – she was fired in August, according to her complaints.
    • LEHRER: Well, in my book I profiled some pilots and talk about how pilots learn to practice what they call deliberate calm, and the other thing that gets back to why they practice in flight simulators.
    • In my not-so-humble opinion, there are a number of distinct examples of that sort of thing, but one of the most annoying is what I call the deliberate misunderstanding of your point.
    • She's accusing the Bush administration of what she calls deliberate neglect.
    • Du Toit, who has been in jail since April 2002, told the judge he would not have a fair trial because of what he termed the deliberate delay tactics used by the prosecution.
    • The report also notes what it calls deliberate and continuous absenteeism "perpetrated in order to engage in remunerative work outside the public service".
    • Stofile said he had been shocked to learn of Tanana's remarks and would seek legal opinion on what he called deliberate slander.
    • Prime Minister Ahmed Abdou, in a radio address Thursday, blamed what he called deliberate "destabilization" on "elements opposed to the regime."
    • Africa's development, and he condemned what he described as a deliberate campaign by the West to destroy Nigeria.