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What is the meaning of deleting in Hindi?

Meaning of deleting in Hindi is :

Definition of word deleting

  • Present participle of delete. (verb)

Examples of word deleting

  • Since you are so trigger happy in deleting comments, can you for freak sake delete all my comments here?
  • I am proceeding at the moment on a version of the old solution of turning it off and then on again – deleting all the files from Documents to Go, and re-identifying them to the program.
  • Put another way, in deleting the Ben file he might accidentally delete the universe directory.
  • There won ` t even be any point in deleting all the CDs one doesn ` t like.
  • I also got about halfway through a scene that needs major cuts, but decided not to begin deleting words from the file until I figure out what the scene as a whole really needs.
  • Figure out how to keep women from spending 1min deleting the hundreds of “hey sexy” emails in their inbox and instead spend 15-30mins replying to a fraction of the decent ones, and your revenue/user should improve too.
  • But i dont find neutrality in deleting posts you dont agree with or real journalism in trying to dismiss valid questions about 9/11.