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What is the meaning of delegitimate in Hindi?

Meaning of delegitimate in Hindi is :

Definition of word delegitimate

  • to remove the legitimacy from (verb)
    से वैधता को हटाने के लिए

Examples of word delegitimate

  • Qu (Danny) - Reagan's war on drugs had significant effect in US, so why does medical marijuana delegitimate change. gov?
  • Too often this word merely invokes the ghosts of the McCarthy era to delegitimate any criticism of the hard left.
  • Techniques that ‘alternative’ journalists use to delegitimate ‘mainstream’ or ‘institutional’ sources #23: craft a genealogy of torture that compares the Central Intelligence Agency to the Gestapo.
  • It is the job of the institutions of science (peer review, PhD granters, funders, etc) to filter real science from junk, the legitimate from the delegitimate.
  • This “truth” is generally agenda-driven and an attempt to delegitimate all other positions.
  • Thus the essay seeks to paint environmentalism with a universal brush, and delegitimate the entire movement.
  • I have to say I have always been dubious about anyone's ability to delegitimate Fox (as if their "reporting" didn't speak for itself).