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What is the meaning of delectable in Hindi?

Meaning of delectable in Hindi is : स्वादिष्ट

Definition of word delectable

  • Pleasing to the taste; delicious. (adjective)
  • Something fitting the above description. (noun)

Examples of word delectable

    • Swift half visions of her loveliness – of certain delectable details of her face or figure flitted always before him.
    • Well may that land be called delectable and a fructuous land, that was be-bled and moisted with the precious blood of our
    • At any rate it pleased us to recall the delectable lines:
    • I'm torn between trying to do an Iain Dale style "locked in contemplation" pic or a Kerron Cross style "delectable" pic.
    • She did not know what "delectable" meant, but it sounded good; and mountains, though she had never seen more of them than a far blue line, had always pleased her fancy.
    • It was a "delectable" country -- yes, that was the meaning of the word that had puzzled her ....
    • Thus Carey sought to turn to Christ the twelve millions of Hindoos who, from Western India above and below the great coast-range known as the Sahyadri or "delectable" mountains, had nearly wrested the whole peninsula from the Mohammedans, and had almost anticipated the life-giving rule of the British, first at Panipat and then as Assye.
    • These simple-to-prepare recipes for the kind of delectable dishes people crave but feel they can't eat when trying to be healthy and trim, actually can be the basis of a personal weight-loss plan.