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What is the meaning of delaying in Hindi?

Meaning of delaying in Hindi is : विलम्बकारी

Definition of word delaying

  • Present participle of delay. (verb)

Examples of word delaying

  • UNITA has in the past week been blaming government negociators for what it called delaying tactics.
  • She denied most of the abuse allegations but acknowledged forcing the boys to exercise and withholding food, which she described as "delaying food," the affidavit said.
  • Swat, 10 April, (Asiantribune. com): The chief of banned Tehreek-i-Nifaz e Shariat Mohammedi announced to end peace camps in Swat as a protest against what he called delaying tactics of federal government of Zardari in implementation of Islamic sharia regulations.
  • "Sessions emphasized that he has no interest in delaying the process, but suggested holding a vote next week would be too soon."
  • Which means the Republicans are celebrating their victory in delaying passage of the bill.
  • Not satisfied with gumming up the works in delaying the Health Care Reconciliation, repugs are determined to stall and protest any other legislation in the works.
  • There are no health benefits in delaying vaccinations in children.
  • Turns out there is little scientific evidence it has any positive long term health effects at all, except for its possible effect in delaying the absorption of sugars.