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What is the meaning of degree in Hindi?

Meaning of degree in Hindi is : ६० मील का परिमाण

Definition of word degree

  • The number of edges that a vertex takes part in; a valency. (noun)
    किनारों की संख्या जिसमें एक शीर्ष भाग लेता है; एक संयोजकता।

Examples of word degree

  • No man is so wicked _but_ (conjunctive adverb) he loves virtue = No man is wicked _to that degree in which_ he loves _not_ virtue (_so_ = _to that degree_, _but_ = _in which not_).
  • If it seems to be rolled to a width beyond the normal degree, it should be classified as if rolled only to the normal degree_.
  • In whatsoever degree more of the _man_ and less of the _mechanics_ appear, _in that degree_ is the result a work of art.
  • What distinguishes Political Correction, to a certain degree, is the context in which it pursues this partisan role.
  • That said, obtaining a degree is a valuable asset.
  • In most cases, the degree is a must to get most jobs which is the main reason for school.
  • For example, one might argue that if the degree is all that matters, why require attendance?
  • Government regulation to a degree is acceptable in a capitalist economy.
  • Your degree is a commodity: You are just one student in a sea of hundreds of thousands of business students who will graduate this year.
  • I absolutely agree that having a degree is a valuable asset.