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What is the meaning of defrost in Hindi?

Meaning of defrost in Hindi is : विहिमन करना

Definition of word defrost

  • To remove frost from. (verb)
    से पाला हटाने के लिए।

Examples of word defrost

  • Those fridge/freezer combos have a "defrost" cycle which lets things get above freezing, which creates water vapor on items, which adds to freezer burn.
  • For this, perhaps you mean season 8 episode "New Order" when they "defrost" Jack and he sees that Teal'c has hair and he starts asking "Teal'c, what's with the hair?"
  • I can never get my "defrost" setting to work right.
  • You can activate this at home by pressing the "defrost" button.
  • Which means I have to start including more stories about projectile vomiting and climbing on the hoods of cars in the dead of winter and pissing on the windshields in order to drunkenly "defrost" the windshield.
  • "The Minions can, in their inimitably violent way, 'defrost' him and then give chase as he knuckles out into the snowy wastes of the Hunting Grounds, near the town of Nordberg."
  • GE Consumer & Industrial announced recently that it would create a new line of "smart" refrigerators that would be able to avoid running energy-consuming tasks, such as defrost cycles, during power grid peak times.