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What is the meaning of defied in Hindi?

Meaning of defied in Hindi is :

Definition of word defied

  • Simple past tense and past participle of defy. (verb)

Examples of word defied

  • Her expression defied him, invited him to counter her.
  • In a state where President Obama remains deeply unpopular, Manchin defied a tough environment to keep a key Senate seat safely in the Democratic column.
  • Brady and the Patriots again defied the odds and won a postsesason game with a critical drive in crunchtime.
  • As the International Atomic Energy Agency just confirmed, Iran has once again defied the international community and is moving forward with its nuclear program, yet the Bush administration seems committed to repeating the mistakes it made with North Korea.
  • David Broder going for Bush's jugular with words like "lawless" and "reckless" and "defied" is ... well ... staggering.
  • He again defied the elements at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field, where hometown kicker Kris Brown had struggled mightily with tricky winds and poor field conditions.
  • Upon this threshold of a wild scene of death they, in short, defied the proportion of events with that splendor of heedlessness which belongs only to veterans.