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What is the meaning of deemed in Hindi?

Meaning of deemed in Hindi is :

Definition of word deemed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of deem. (verb)

Examples of word deemed

  • Currently, a title deemed inappropriate for a 15 certificate - the highest available for videogames (but not films) in the country - cannot be sold there.
  • Caledon town councillor Gord McClure is under fire for using a term deemed to be an anti-Semitic.
  • So, basically, "Yankee" is a term deemed so insulting that two separate groups who had it applied to them were so revolted that they in turn tagged another group with it.
  • Politifact Wisconsin deemed that claim "False" on several counts: the health care reform law is not a "government takeover," the polls the campaign cited did not use the words "government takeover," the polls cited are of subjectively defined "likely voters" and not all of Wisconsin, and polls show that some people disapprove the law because there isn't enough government involvement.
  • As a Canadian, I felt honored that as the US Presential campaign ramps-up, Mr. McCain deemed it important to visit Ottawa to address the continued need for maintaining a strong trade relationship between our two countries.


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