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What is the meaning of decline in Hindi?

Meaning of decline in Hindi is : ह्रास

Definition of word decline

  • Downward movement, fall. (noun)
  • A sloping downward, e.g. of a hill or road. (noun)
  • A weakening. (noun)
  • A reduction or diminution of activity. (noun)
  • To move downwards, to fall, to drop. (verb)
  • To become weaker or worse. (verb)
  • To refuse, forbear. (verb)
  • To list the inflected forms of a noun, pronoun (and in some languages adjective) for case and number. (verb)

Examples of word decline

  • By now the manner of writing about a Pope in decline is as ritualized as a Holy Thursday mass at Saint Peter's.
  • The pinyons died mainly because of an Ips epidemic I am not a big fan of the term decline as it is usually used for trees.
  • This is the first time, I think I had ever use the term decline in reporting EPR's financial results.
  • This decline is the result of long-term trends — increasing foreign competition and, especially, the relentless replacement of people with machines — that look unlikely to abate.
  • I would argue, however, that to some degree this decline is a product of SF being too successful (see also my prior post on the death of the sf short story).

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