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What is the meaning of deceiving in Hindi?

Meaning of deceiving in Hindi is :

Definition of word deceiving

  • Present participle of deceive. (verb)

Examples of word deceiving

  • God with any untruth; but what he calls deceiving, was only the concealing from him, when he accepted of the prophetical commission, the greatness of the evils which the execution of that commission was to bring upon him.
  • Fourth, "self-deceiving" is the name of the game, isn't it?
  • The pastor of Maxcy's former church notified me that Maxcy had gone before the congregation and confessed his guilt in deceiving the public and his family for many years.
  • In that commentary, for space reasons, I discuss only one of the ways this claim was material: in deceiving consumers into thinking that GM was in better financial shape than it implies (and thus, better able to satisfy warranties and provide replacement parts).
  • If a woman has no interest in deceiving a man in order to get children, how is a man supposed to know this?
  • I happen to believe in deceiving the enemy about our security capabilities.