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What is the meaning of decaying in Hindi?

Meaning of decaying in Hindi is : क्षयमान

Definition of word decaying

  • Present participle of decay. (verb)

Examples of word decaying

  • In her forthcoming term, she plans to help open up France to private medicine, in an effort to offset what she calls a decaying public sector.
  • He pressed Egyptians to peacefully bring down what he called a decaying regime and threatened
  • But, as noted, there may be some great opportunities in decaying suburbs, if you know how to make opportunity work for you. serial catowner Says:
  • America is decaying from the inside out, we need a better CLASS of Americans. lyn
  • But Ngurn's father, wrapped in decaying grass-matting and hanging even then over their heads among the smoky rafters of the devil-devil house, had held otherwise.
  • Our first pooch, Stinko (she earned the name by routinely rolling around in decaying organic matter), would cower and shake in the back of the car.
  • Not cartoony ugly, like Basil Wolverton, but blotchy and smelly and decaying from the inside out.
  • The Bird Cage theater, crumbling, dusty, and decaying, is the Old West.
  • I even bought a house in decaying Yorkville as a wedding present for the girl I was courting, that is, was courting over thirty years ago.