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What is the meaning of decare in Hindi?

Meaning of decare in Hindi is :

Definition of word decare

  • A unit of surface area equal to 10 ares (that is, 1,000 square metres, or approximately 0.25 acres) (noun)

Examples of word decare

  • The new dwarf varieties were able to stand two or three times more artificial fertilizer and to provide an increase of yield per decare from the previous maximum of 450 kilos to as much as 800 kilos per decare.
  • Wheat yields were low, approximately 100 kilos per decare on an average.
  • The situation seen like getting serious and they decare state of emergency over at pattaya.
  • Machar was going to Hague (PCA) on his capacity as Vice President and leading member of the roadmap agreement reached in July between NCP & SPLM not to (ICC) to decare himself Mr. clean.
  • As i said earlier, the only fair thing to do is decare it a no contest. email best news ive heard all day deffo should be ruled a n / c does that meen ill get my tenner back that i lost