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What is the meaning of decametre in Hindi?

Meaning of decametre in Hindi is :

Definition of word decametre

  • An SI unit of length equal to 101 metres. (noun)
    101 मीटर के बराबर लंबाई की एक SI इकाई।

Examples of word decametre

  • If you have a rope long enough, you can yourself make a decametre.
  • In short (excuse the pun), for one reason or another users in the UK would be better served by a better dictionary of abbreviations than this; US users should be alerted to the fact that the text is British, unedited for American spelling: for ` decagramme, decalitre, decametre 'read ` decagram, decaliter, decameter.'
  • 3. How many millimetres are there in a decametre [can also be spelt [or spelled] with a ‘k’]?
  • "Ten metres make a decametre, and one thousand metres make a kilometre, and ten thousand metres make a myriametre.