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What is the meaning of decaffeinated in Hindi?

Meaning of decaffeinated in Hindi is :
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Definition of word decaffeinated

  • To remove the caffeine from something (especially from coffee). (verb)

Examples of word decaffeinated

  • The European method uses methelene chloride to absorb the caffeine from the beans, and the Swiss water process uses steam to decaffeinate.
  • It's where the Seattleites go to decaffeinate, they say ...
  • Do you know how to decaffeinate your tea at home something I didn't know way beack then?
  • The absolute worst way to decaffeinate tea is to steam the leaves and then soak them for a long time in methylene chloride.
  • If drinking tea for religious reasons or rather, not drinking it for those reasons, you can decaffeinate your own tea to some extent, but there are not generally many high quality decaffeinated teas.

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