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What is the meaning of decaffeinated in Hindi?

Meaning of decaffeinated in Hindi is :

Definition of word decaffeinated

  • From which caffeine has been removed (e.g. decaffeinated coffee). (adjective)

Examples of word decaffeinated

  • While all decaf will have some caffeine, there are no laws that dictate how much caffeine is allowed in decaffeinated coffee.
  • Is it the caffeine that's really bad for me, or are there other things that are left in decaffeinated coffee that are going to do me harm?
  • Globish was his name for the kind of English they were using: a "decaffeinated" version without complexity or cultural baggage.
  • Except, she discovered, that it wasn’t something called decaffeinated, so they drank very little.
  • In many ways, the same dynamic happens in our worship, leading to what we might call decaffeinated worship, worship without worship. at Northern) writes about the problem of decaffeinated belief in his thesis proposal.


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