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What is the meaning of dawn in Hindi?

Meaning of dawn in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word dawn

  • A female given name sometimes given to a girl born at that time of day. (proper noun)

Examples of word dawn

  • This rabbit is named WALTER and he is a 6m long x 4m tall inflatable bunny creation of artist Dawn Ng. "By inserting Walter into places, I wanted to build up scenarios that would create a child-like surprise and wonder of what is so special about a place and get people to re-evalutate what they see." ~ says Dawn**
  • Dawn Bradley, also known by the name Dawn Holland, alleges that Lohan grabbed and
  • Dawn is not only what comes up at the end of a good party, it's also suggestive of new beginnings, and the victory of hope over fear.
  • Dawn is a good time as coyotes are looking for one more easy meal before hiding out for the day.
  • The new "Red Dawn" is high on our list of action flicks that have us pumped about the 2010 cinema schedule.
  • Cretaceous Dawn is a compelling story with plenty of plot and subplot going on.
  • Dawn is in Cincinnati and my grandma is in Michigan.
  • Second, Dawn is not a classical beauty even in a British sense, but in context she is a bright point in a desperate landscape.