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What is the meaning of daughter in Hindi?

Meaning of daughter in Hindi is : विघटन उत्पादक

Definition of word daughter

  • One’s female child. (noun)
    किसी की कन्या।

Examples of word daughter

  • I stayed with my oldest daughter for a while and then my youngest daughterߞ.
  • Fairbanks was unusually social and winning that afternoon, when he found them rising from the lunch in the field; and he conversed freely and pleasantly with Mrs. Fabens and her daughter, as they departed for the house; and then turned to Fabens and conversed a long while, saying at last -- "That is your _only daughter_, I believe, Judge?"
  • Or, still later, how the revulsion takes her, Saul’s daughter, as she sees David capering home before the ark, and how her affection had done with this emotional man of the ruddy countenance, so prone to weep in his bed: And as the ark of the Lord came into the city of David, Michal Saul’s daughter—
  • Meantime it is enough to mention that my daughter -- how grand I thought it when I first said _my daughter_!
  • * This was his fecond wife, Catharine the daughter of Captain Woodcock of Hackney, who lived with him not above a year after their maniage, and died in child* bed of a daughter*
  • Faancis Sherard* Esq. succeeded to the Family Estates* and died 15Q4, having married Anne* daughter of George Moore* of Bnrne* in LitKX) ln8bire* by whom he had a daughter* Rose* mar - ried to John Sherard of Lobthorpe* Esq. and three sons.
  • Their virgin daughter is now pregnant, and supernaturally?
  • Anu and as the daughter of Sin is not an important one, the term daughter in both cases being a metaphor to express a relationship both of physical nature and of a political character.
  • My daughter in law and I hate the term daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.
  • Of course: just like her daughter made all those comments on the news story with her password, her daughter is the one who ran all the red lights in her car!