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What is the meaning of dare in Hindi?

Meaning of dare in Hindi is : हिसाब बांधना

Definition of word dare

  • A small fish, the dace. (noun)
    एक छोटी मछली, डेस।
  • To have enough courage (to do something). (verb)
    पर्याप्त साहस होना (कुछ करना)।

Examples of word dare

    • And warmly and kindling dare -- yes, _dare_ to hope,
    • I dare you to go and ask him about it; I _dare_ you to; and see what he says.
    • "Do you dare -- do you _dare_ look your own daughter in the eye and say she is no lady?"
    • I wanted to know, only I didn't dare -- actually didn't _dare_, for Ellaline's sake, to speak angrily.
    • "I dare you, _dare_, you to tell 'em, Jane," Polk suddenly said, coming over and putting a hand on one of my shoulders and one on Jane's.
    • "How dare you! how _dare_ you!" cried Elsie, stamping her foot, and drawing a long, sobbing breath.
    • "How dare I-- _dare_ I-- tell you that I love you and want you for wife?
    • "How dare you, sirrah, hold such language to me -- how _dare_ you?
    • Did you dare, Eloise Evringham, did you _dare_ spoil your life -- my life -- our future, by scaring Dr. Ballard with that bugbear? "
    • I tried to write a tweet once, on a dare from a coworker, and I failed.