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What is the meaning of danger in Hindi?

Meaning of danger in Hindi is : स‌ंकट

Definition of word danger

  • Ability to harm; someone's dominion or power to harm or penalise. See In one's danger, below. (noun)
  • To claim liability. (verb)

Examples of word danger

    • Madison anticipated this precise danger from Slavery, and upheld this precise grant of power in order to counteract this danger_.
    • "The danger isn't the point -- _it's the fear of danger_," said Darrow.
    • There was danger to this country, —danger of the avenging justice of God, —in that little unimportant Popular Sovereignty question of Judge Douglas.
    • Cornplanter, their most experienced warrior, should not leave them; but that a sufficient deputation, for which they had obtained volunteers, should accompany Col. Proctor, at the same time advising him of the danger, admonishing him to proceed with caution; "_to reach his neck over the land, and take in all the light he could, that would show him his danger_."
    • That the Government was however determined, and so were all the Departments, that this should never happen again; no doubt the danger from the Socialists was great, all over the world; that _that_ was the _real danger_, and that they would readily make another attempt like the fearful one in June (the result of which for three days was uncertain), but that they had not the power; that he was continually impressing upon all his friends in France the necessity of supporting _whatever_ form of Government there was _whose object_ was the _maintenance of order_, and to unite "contre cet ennemi commun."
    • "Contrariwise, those private individuals who expose themselves to danger without any legitimate excuse run great risk of tempting God and losing His grace; since it is written that _he that loveth danger_ (still more he that seeketh it) _shall perish in it_." [
    • The term "danger play" is less frequently found in the literature; it refers to a manoeuvre that guards against an unlikely distribution but loses a vital trick if the lie of cards is more or less normal.
    • But putting other people in danger is an entirely different matter.
    • He feels that he is in danger from the animal/men and from Dr. Moreau himself and does not know where to turn.