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What is the meaning of damp in Hindi?

Meaning of damp in Hindi is : हतोत्साह करना

Definition of word damp

  • Being in a state between dry and wet; moderately wet; moist. (adjective)
  • Moisture; humidity; dampness. (noun)
  • To dampen; to render damp; to moisten; to make humid, or moderately wet; as, to damp cloth. (verb)

Examples of word damp

  • Molds thrive in damp areas with decaying materials.
  • It also means crouching in damp sand at playgrounds and wiping snotty noses and shitty bums and worrying constantly about whether or not you remembered to restock the diaper bag and, also, refill your Ativan prescription.
  • Microwave corn on the cob peeled and wrapped in damp paper towels for 90 seconds.
  • It remains a visual shortcut through which young persons of a certain damp emotional climate can broadcast to the other members of their tribe who they are.
  • I'm guessing that there's much more chance of things arriving damp from the Seattle area where the humidity is out of sight, than from Saudi Arabi. cauny
  • The yaw damp is part of the autopilot system that helps stabilizes the tail, and the pitch trim the craft's up and down movement.
  • Light billowed out of her, and warmth in damp gusts as if from a garden after a rainstorm.
  • “Tell him not to shoot!” the man begged, his skin damp with sudden sweat.
  • Arrows are expensive, and can warp in damp weather.