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What is the meaning of cutie pie in Hindi?

Meaning of cutie pie in Hindi is :

Definition of word cutie pie

  • A cute person. (noun)
  • A small hand-held radiation meter. (noun)

Examples of word cutie pie

  • The cutiepie with the eyebrow ring and upturned breasts tosses an orange box on the counter.
  • But now the pre-teens are back tenfold – for anyone who would vote for the sobstory Danny or the cutiepie Kris over Allison obviously has their priorities mixed up.
  • What for sure thus far is that she's an utter cutiepie.
  • It's not impossible: Some cutiepie Germanic type sidles up to a fetching Latina type and, bam, chemistry!
  • I should have called ScaryDan to come pick me up because Patrick the cutiepie bartendar was making my drinks rather strong.

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