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What is the meaning of cut in Hindi?

Meaning of cut in Hindi is : हमला करना

Definition of word cut

  • Having been cut. (adjective)
    काट दिया गया है।
  • An opening resulting from cutting. (noun)
    काटने के परिणामस्वरूप एक उद्घाटन।
  • To perform an incision on, for example with a knife. (verb)
    चीरा लगाने के लिए, उदाहरण के लिए चाकू से।

Examples of word cut

  • "Fifty dollars reward, for the negro Jim Blake -- has a _piece cut out of each ear_, and the middle finger of the left hand _cut off_ to the second joint."
  • The only remaining type of cutting that is in very general use is the _step cut_ (sometimes known as trap cut).
  • No mess liked to have him permanently because his presence cut off all talk of home or of the prospect of return, of politics or letters, of peace or of war, —cut off more than half the talk the men liked to have at sea.
  • "But you've all cut the question: tell me now, supposing you had known king David, should you have thought worse of him, should you have been cool to him -- in a word, should you have _cut_ him after his fall?"
  • We didn't go there any more then, and I asked Rose what the reason was, and she said Mrs. Mason was poor now, and ma had 'cut her;' and when I asked her what she _cut_ her with, she only laughed, and said she believed I didn't know any thing.
  • A "temple" is a place thus separated, or cut off from other places; for the root of this word, like that of "tempus" (time) is the same as the Greek τέμνω, _to cut_.
  • "I didn't cut off his tail, sir; he _cut it off himself_!"
  • Sacramento Bee and Miami Herald •plans to cut 1600 jobs •slash executive and director pay and halt bonuses www. bloomberg.com Eastman Chemical Co. will cut 200 to 300 jobs •cut costs by another $100 million.