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What is the meaning of current in Hindi?

Meaning of current in Hindi is : सोता

Definition of word current

  • The part of a fluid that moves continuously in a certain direction. (noun)
    द्रव का वह भाग जो एक निश्चित दिशा में निरंतर गति करता रहता है।
  • Existing or occurring at the moment. (adjective)
    इस समय विद्यमान या घटित होने वाला।

Examples of word current

    • An electric current produces a magnet, and _a magnet also may be made to produce an electric current_.
    • Now when a current acts by induction upon conducting matter lateral to it, it probably acts upon the electricity in that conducting matter whether it be in the form of a _current_ or
    • # Alternatively, we could just use makeobj in the commands below ... current = ` pwd ` if [ "$srcFolder" = "$current"]; then cb fi
    • * @param string $current is the current value of the option in use (used to set the selected option in the list) * @param string $options should be an array of the options to be generated function generate_option_list ($current, $options) $list = ""; foreach ($options as $curopt) $sel = ""; if ($current = = $curopt) $sel = "selected = " selected "";
    • # substitute build dir with src dir dest = ` pwd | sed - e s, $KDE_BUILD, $KDE_SRC, ` current = ` pwd ` if [ "$dest" = "$current"]; then cd "$KDE_SRC" else cd "$dest" fi fi
    • {remove x from list} return {break} end else {x not yet found} current: = current↑. next end end end; {DELETE} Fig. 4.12.
    • x then goto add; {break} current: = current↑. next end; add: {current is now the cell after which x is to be inserted} new (newcell); newcell↑. element: = x; newcell↑. next: = current↑. next; current↑. next: = newcell end; {INSERT} Fig. 4.6.
    • We needed to be inventive about wording in the communique in consideration for a country that did not want to use the term 'current account balance'...