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What is the meaning of culprit in Hindi?

Meaning of culprit in Hindi is : वह कैदी जिस पर अपराध लगाया गया हो परंतु उसका निर्णय न हुआ हो

Definition of word culprit

  • The person or thing at fault for a problem or crime. (noun)

Examples of word culprit

  • Arts market, some writing, failed submissions to an open exhibition, our joint 100th birthday, family stuff, loads of photography (like this crescent moon - click on it for full size to see the craters) and a UK premier of a film to organise plus two other screenings for the science festival but the main culprit is the return to full time day job for pension reasons!
  • The main culprit is the famous Crow's Nest Pass. rate agreement which has kept grain freight rates at the same level since 1897.
  • Rather: It has been more than a year and half now since the string of deadly anthrax attacks in this country, and still no arrests, even though investigators believe they know who the culprit is and where he is.
  • In all of these cases, whether the culprit is the energy industry, agribusiness, or climate change, the work of environmental advocates is calling attention to and pushing to resolve the problem.
  • I am guessing that the culprit is the Internet (and cable).


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