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What is the meaning of crystal in Hindi?

Meaning of crystal in Hindi is : स्वच्छ

Definition of word crystal

  • A solid composed of an array of atoms or molecules possessing long-range order and arranged in a pattern which is periodic in three dimensions. (noun)
    लंबी दूरी के क्रम वाले परमाणुओं या अणुओं की एक सरणी से बना एक ठोस और एक पैटर्न में व्यवस्थित होता है जो तीन आयामों में आवधिक होता है।

Examples of word crystal

  • Q: Am I the only passenger whose primary reference for the term crystal ship is the song about heroin by the Doors?
  • In short the crystal is all about the exterior form, not about the displays or the experience inside the building.
  • Neither he nor the Titans are sharing those details from what he called his crystal ball.
  • Another commercial has a dumb office worker with a glass snow globe, which he calls his crystal ball.
  • She does this in crystal-clear syntax, where every clause demands our attention.