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What is the meaning of croaky in Hindi?

Meaning of croaky in Hindi is : काकरव पूर्ण

Definition of word croaky

  • Like that of a frog (adjective)
    मेंढक की तरह

Examples of word croaky

  • It's pronounced "croaky," he insists, and was invented in Ireland in the early 19th century, not in France, as the spelling of the name might have you believe.
  • My only problem was this week I had a sinus/throat infection that's on the mend, so I sound a little "croaky"...so bear with it...or maybe it makes me sound better...
  • He sounds a lot like sort of a less wholesome Al Green, sort of beautiful kind of croaky voice.
  • She screamed like one too, croaky and guttural, as she ordered the minions to bring her more tea—that unslakable thirst that the sisters had first noticed in her still evident.
  • If I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue's Barry Cryer – he of the relentlessly filthy mind and the impossibly croaky pipe-smoker's laugh – is already fully established as a national comic treasure, you wouldn't bet against the man sharing the stage with him on Sunday eventually coming to enjoy a similar status.
  • He concludes a tribute to acoustic music with a croaky, hammed-up version of "Maggie's Farm," and it rules.