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What is the meaning of crimson in Hindi?

Meaning of crimson in Hindi is : लोहित

Definition of word crimson

  • A deep, slightly bluish red. (noun)
  • Having a deep red colour. (adjective)
  • to blush (verb)

Examples of word crimson

  • And here the conquered men of Ind, swarthy horsemen and sword wielders, fiercely barbaric, blazing in crimson and scarlet, Sikhs, Rajputs, Burmese, province by province, and caste by caste.
  • We'll fight and sail and blaze our trail in crimson through the stars.
  • Eurydice lay on the ground, gasping for breath, blood pumping from her body in crimson fountains, a flechette buried deep in her chest.
  • She sat on chairs cushioned in crimson and purple velvet, as well as red cloth of gold, and satin.
  • His decision didn't come until signing day, and even then he hadn't cleared the final roadblock to play in crimson and cream.
  • I moved briskly toward the Emperor's tower, striding through the corridor toward his private lift, the entrance to which was flanked by two Imperial Guards in crimson robes.
  • Hoofbeats sounded the entry of stallions, astride which young men in crimson costumes performed daredevil stunts.
  • And all around the script paraded nymphs and satyrs, tigers and olifants in crimson, rose, and violet.