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What is the meaning of crime in Hindi?

Meaning of crime in Hindi is : साहस

Definition of word crime

  • A specific act committed in violation of the law. (noun)
    कानून के उल्लंघन में किया गया एक विशिष्ट कार्य।

Examples of word crime

  • Not one single case of serious crime has been brought to my notice -- indeed, nothing that deserves the name of _crime_.
  • "It would be a crime -- a _crime_ to marry him," the heart-broken girl sobbed, when she reached the privacy of her own room.
  • It is like a sort of blind patience when you come to that -- they make excuses even for Uncle Robert, to whom they have paid rent all these years for a cottage which is a crime -- yes, a _crime_!
  • "It would be a crime -- a _crime_ -- to marry him," she said, with
  • (Fairhaven WA) gabilovesjb S.ream just like thee females in the crowd - joe jonas (dont charge me for the crime) svcrime #crime U.S. Marshals operation nets more than 35,000 arrests nationwide: The U.S.
  • Minor incidents still concern. capriceo0116 RT@DrWayneWDyer Say a private prayer today for every person you read or hear about who's a victim of a violent crime no matter how distant qutequte PPl who ate a sweet everyday r 10times more likely 2b convicted of a violent #crime by age 34.
  • At least let me do the crime if u gunna punish me 4 it lol innov8ive ~crime~ 4yr old hijack victim was bought chips & yogi sip by criminals before they dropped him safely at the police station ...
  • (AP) traderbob @Hillbillybarbie well then arrests should be made because it seems like a crime to me. lecrab DNA backlog still plagues HPD crime lab - Houston Chronicle lecrab Man Arrested After Threatening to Shoot His iPhone at an Apple Store [Crime] lecrab Wayne County news briefs: Nearly 80 arrested in Detroit crime sweep - Detroit Free Press mcgeneral #crime Flu cases prompt jails to restrict visits:
  • So what’s made me particularly happy is when writers and readers of crime have praised it as a good *crime* novel, specifically.
  • Because the Bible in its catalogue of human actions, does not stamp on every crime its name and number, and write against it, _this is a crime_ -- does that wash out its guilt, and bleach into a virtue?]