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What is the meaning of cribriform in Hindi?

Meaning of cribriform in Hindi is : सुषिर

Definition of word cribriform

  • Perforated, as in the manner of a sieve. (adjective)

Examples of word cribriform

  • At the top of the nasal passages is a paper-thin bone called the cribriform plate.
  • From there it reaches the brain by passing through a porous barrier called the cribriform plate.
  • This bone is called cribriform (sieve-like), because it is perforated by many minute holes, through which, from the olfactory bulbs
  • Where this superficial fascia overlies the saphenous opening, E, of the fascia lata, it assumes a "cribriform" character, owing to its being pierced by numerous lymphatic vessels and some veins.
  • A bit of the oxygen, however, can travel along the olfactory nerves (smell nerves) through the cribriform plate (a piece of bone full of tiny holes through which the smell nerves pass to reach the brain), directly to the frontal lobe of the brain.


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