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What is the meaning of crept in Hindi?

Meaning of crept in Hindi is : रेंगा

Definition of word crept

Examples of word crept

  • Crept -- always she crept, about the house, from weary bed to weary chair and back again through long days and weeks of torment, never complaining, though her unfailing smile was twisted with pain, and the wise gray eyes, still wise and gray, were grown unutterably larger and profoundly deep.
  • "Crept up silently, first I knew was when I felt his breath on my cheek," he tweeted.
  • Crept into the very heart of our Temple, just as the skinners have wormed their way into the heart of society.
  • If you've ever danced the night away to The Cat Crept In or Tiger Feet, or you start to hear that old song It'll Be Lonely This Christmas any day now, then yes, the drummer in Mud was my Sunday School teacher.
  • Crept up in the neighbor's yard, yeah, bein hard headed
  • Crept in here as silently as possible and slept until 10am.