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What is the meaning of crepitation in Hindi?

Meaning of crepitation in Hindi is : चटचटाहट

Definition of word crepitation

  • The act of crepitating or crackling. (noun)

Examples of word crepitation

  • The crepitation is the result of the action of a powerful magnetic pole upon luminous electric jets in its immediate neighborhood.
  • "True, father, but I thought it would be preferable to the constant crepitation which is apt to attend the combustion of more seasoned ligneous fragments."
  • 3 The medical term for joint popping is "crepitation," which also is a term for farting.
  • They had arrived at the straw pallet on which Philip lay, so still and mute that Cadfael's heart misdoubted for a moment, and then caught gratefully at the sudden shudder and crepitation of breath.
  • When she returned the room was silent again, save for the faint crepitation of his chair and the occasional clink of a bottle.
  • Everywhere on earth that day, in the ears of every one who breathed, there had been the same humming in the air, the same rush of green vapors, the crepitation, the streaming down of shooting stars.
  • A heavenly day again! the world all dead silence, save when, from far down below us in the woods, comes up the crepitation of the little wooden drum that beats to church.
  • There was a faint murmur in the air, a slight crepitation, as if the air itself were turning to snow; otherwise all was silent, save when a sheep coughed, snow flopped from a branch, or slipped in an avalanche down some roof in London.
  • The stir of that anticipation was in the air, the warm earth was parting above the swelling seeds, and all the pine-woods were full of the minute crepitation of opening bud scales.