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What is the meaning of credo in Hindi?

Meaning of credo in Hindi is : सिद्धान्त और विश्वास

Definition of word credo

Examples of word credo

  • It was needful that there should be no delay, so the Cardinal promptly repeated the Credo in an undertone, "_Credo in unum Deum -- _"
  • That kind of belatedness isn't explicit in "Credo", but I think Zawacki's particular brand of the conditional -- the violence in not knowing, perhaps -- shares something with deCerteau's words.
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  • Go ahead, make your own faith: you'll have to sit on your hands during the Nicene creed, and edit out some bits of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, get rid of the whole section of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis that begins with "Credo" -- and you're good.
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  • Rev. Coffin just published his latest book, Credo, which is a great read.
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