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What is the meaning of credit in Hindi?

Meaning of credit in Hindi is : साख़

Definition of word credit

  • To believe. (verb)
  • Recognition and respect. (noun)

Examples of word credit

    • Trans-Union is a credit service much like CBI, TRW or Chilton, but offers more competitive rates, and is being used more and more by many credit checking agencies.
    • _Non enim omnis qui cogitat credit sed cogitat omnis qui credit, et credendo sogitat et cogitando credit_.
    • _esprit_ for her -- are to her banques de France, upon which she has an unlimited credit -- _credit fonder_, if you will, _credit mobilier_, or what not.
    • We amended and restated our term credit facility in the second quarter to revise the facility contained to $200 million revolver to replace the previous facility, which was scheduled to expire later this year.
    • The senior secured leverage ratio of 1.87 and the fixed charge coverage ratio of 2.3 are both well within the covenant requirements of our term credit agreement.
    • The LA Times says that the high stakes gambler was extended millions of dollars in credit from the various Las Vegas casinos that flew him in on private jets, and put him up in opulent suites.
    • Even today, as the term credit default swap (CDS) is migrating from the financial cable networks to CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media, the critical role of these arcane derivative products in the undoing of the financial markets is not well understood.
    • No amounts were drawn on the term credit facility during the
    • The effective interest rate applicable to the bankers 'acceptances issued under the term credit facility was 5.7% and 5.9% in the three and six month Reporting Periods.
    • Based on amounts drawn at December 31, 2009 and existing variable interest rates, we would be required to pay $19 million per year until the outstanding amounts on the term credit facilities are repaid.