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What is the meaning of crass in Hindi?

Meaning of crass in Hindi is : स्थूल (ता

Definition of word crass

  • coarse; crude; not refined or sensible (adjective)

Examples of word crass

  • Many of the Reformers (by my reading of them) condemned the notion of real presence (and transubstantiation) because they interpreted it as a fleshy and physical presence (what you call crass and I might call immoderate realist).
  • That view is upheld by LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik, who asks what he calls the crass question - "What is Apple Inc's plan if CEO Steve Jobs dies?"
  • Liefeld engaging in crass commercialism and embracing gimmicks?
  • It has been an exercise in crass populism and political stupidity almost without equal in the Telegraph.
  • Solutions that seem pompous and crass from the Conservative think tank.