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What is the meaning of craftsman in Hindi?

Meaning of craftsman in Hindi is : शिल्पी

Definition of word craftsman

  • A male artisan. (noun)

Examples of word craftsman

  • A craftsman is typically his own worst critic, that is the way it should be.
  • Kitchen work at that time was considered menial labour; perhaps if a cook became skilled enough he might be called a craftsman, but he would never be valued for his contribution in the same way as a lawyer or an architect is.
  • If you know that, and contract a goblin craftsman, you should probably expect to abide by that concept.
  • Now, the woods are gone; the craftsman is gone, and when a farmer today is face to face with the problem of building a new house, that house will cost him as much as if it were built in the town.
  • Indeed, it’s intellectual property where the cachet of a craftsman is probably gaining in currency.


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